Tea Daye

Uncle tea milk tea joining trader video.
Tea Daye is a famous milk tea chain brand from Taiwan.
Up to now, Tea Daye has extended from Taiwan to mainland China.
Tea Daye has over 200 stores all over China. Our persistence in making "fresh, healthy and delicious" tea drinks has never changed.
Tea Daye, bearing the mission to "fascinate your taste", always gives you a different tasting experience!
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Official weibo:Teadaye
Shenzhen Huaweida Food and Beverage Management Co., Ltd.(Tea daye Join the headquarters)
Addr:Room 301, Building B1, Huayangnianfunian Square, Tax Exempt Zone, Futian District, Shenzhen
Shenzhen Huaweida Food and Beverage Management Co., Ltd.(Beijing Branch)
Addr:Beijing: Room 303, Floor 3, Building B, No.75 Nanyuan Road, Fengtai District, Beijing
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